Miami Bitches!!

Our final little jaunt was to Miami – South Beach to be exact, Essex House Hotel.

We’d booked the hotel around Christmastime using Hotwire. Instead of $300ish a night it was $80 – pretty sweet saving! I had been looking forward to a bit of luxury, but really it just boils down to a nice carpet, air con, lots of channels on TV, 6 hangers in the wardrobe and two bedside tables. Oh, and a decent breakfast – although just fruit, bread and nice danish on offer. I wouldn’t want to pay $300 a night for it, but it was nice to end with a decent hotel.

Our final days were based around:

  1. sit & read by pool
  2. decide what we fancied for “Dunch” (lunch/dinner) (Sandwicherie, My Ceviche and 5 Guys Burger all excellent)
  3. sleep nice and early

… apart from our last day when we went to watch the Opening Game for the Marlins. Glorified rounders. No sooner had we arrived than the Heavens opened and the players ran off. “The English are here!” They did eventually return, but played a terrible game, shame. Still, nice to soak up a bit of American culture for an afternoon – enormous light beers, hot dogs, cheerleaders etc.

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