Inca, Tailor, Soldier, Spy….

… yep, we need to start thinking about what jobs we’re going to do!

But, that said, right now we feel like the Inca confronting the onslaught of Western disease… a failure. Jim has some sort of gastroenteritis and has been in bed for 3 days… and I have been struck down by cold, barely functioning. Can’t believe it. Just when we should be gearing up to get jobs, flat, money etc sorted, we have had to take a moratorium from life to try and make bodies healthy again.

You may think there is some sort of causation here (job search vs stay in bed?). I, like you, think that its probably stressful coming home, that there will be the usual ‘back-from-holiday-blues’ – depression that the fun is over, freedom curtailed, that the slavery is about to recommence and the tyranny of the work/life balance will resume. All the classic ingredients for a dose of germ warmfare, where the germs win. I have often heard that travellers find it hard to adjust on their return.

But really we haven’t been here long enough to have any negativity about homecoming, its exciting to be back, full to the brim with amazing memories and with dreams of a different adventure with different jobs still intact. Illness is a blip, just an unexpected and unlucky first challenge.

Plus, it has been the most glorious weather. We have a garden full of spring flowers, blue skies and temperatures up to 25 degrees. We’re still on holiday.

We did manage to squeeze in a lovely day at my Godson’s Christening before illness took hold….

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