Diary of a Man Baby – 43 and 3/4s

12th February 2015

I have a flight at 7.05am from Quito to Galápagos. I see a massive queue lining up to pay the tax and have their bags checked for plants/animals/contaminants, so I reckon I’ll queue jump… I don’t like to have to wait, especially when I have a flight to catch. I get up to the counter ahead of everyone in the queue. Bingo.

I see most of these people on the same flight as me.

13th February 2015

I saunter around town in my same clothes, taking shots with my camera. I see some of the people that were on my flight, I think they’re ignoring me.

<Meanwhile.. Jim and Emily are having a conversation about a rude chap… “Imagine if he turns up on the same boat as us! Jesus.”>

17th February 2015

I make my way to Baltra Island to get on the boat I booked a cruise on. I meet everyone at the airport and introduce myself as “Xavier”.  I couldn’t work out if a couple of them were surprised or not to see me, have I met them before?

We get a dingy to the Encantada and congregate on the back deck. I sit on the table rather than a seat, I don’t like to wait to get comfortable. It breaks. Oh well, its not mine.

Went for a walk on Tintoreras, its nice to be in the open where I can let rip.

18th February 2015

Mmmm, I like to stroke my hair… just like my Mummy does.

19th February 2015

I seem to always be the last person at breakfast and the last person onto the dingy to get ashore. Everyone must be so overly keen.

But I do like to get to the front of the tour so I can listen to the guide and slow everyone down a bit.

20th February 2015

Thought I might climb up a tree over a lava precipice and take some photos. Doesn’t matter if I risk my own life, right?

I want to sit on the front deck, not on a seat (I don’t like to wait for those) but lay down on the roof to the crew’s quarters. I step through a glass window above the dining area. Oh well, its not mine.

I’m angry at dinner about the fact I’ve lost my driving licence because I refuse to wear my seat belt. I think everyone understands, Jan says “I’m OK with you killing yourself through your own stupidity”.

21st February 2015

I’ve forgotten my shoes, the dingy has to go all the way back to the boat so I can get them before we start the day’s activity.

My shoe is almost taken by a wave as I’m busy getting out my camera to shoot some seals while everyone else is getting back into the dingy.

When we’re back on the boat the crew seem to be calling me “España”. Nice to have nick name.. I think.

22nd February 2015

I’m sure Jim is interested in my photography blog so I give him my details which he forgot to ask for at breakfast when everyone was exchanging details.

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