Pennys in Peru – Primero!

Day 1 in Lima.

To start a very exciting first day, ‘Marriott Marian’ discovered cherimoya, a new fruit sensation, in the hotel breakfast buffet that looked like white fish (apparently). We met after breakfast, and Mum’s “texting time”, at the pool for a dip.

Lovely and sunny, but with the Garua blowing in from the seafront – quite spectacular rolling fog across the pool.

“When I opened the curtains this morning it was so foggy that I thought there was another layer of curtains to peel back”

Around midday we headed off to Museo Larco for a look around some Incan pottery, gold/silver and other artifacts.

Very interesting to see the pottery skills of the Moche and the Chimú from AD 0 to the 1532 conquest, and some more amazing gold work. Most interesting were the two skulls with evidence of trepanning – one a female with no evidence of healing, the other a man who had injuries (probably from ceremonial battle) and evidence of healing (i.e. he survived the procedure).

It was also interesting to see the scenes painted on pottery and the sculpted representations. For example,  ceremonial battles which lead to the loser being decapitated and his blood offered to the Gods. Also, an enormous collection of Erotica:

Dad: “When I got up this morning I went for a walk and saw a chap sweeping the lawn!”
Dan: “That’s what Dad will be expecting back home”
Emily: <impression of Dad>”Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about having my lawn brushed”
Dan: “Well, the Erotica museum is over there!”


The museum had an open storeroom containing what must have been mass-produced pieces by the Inca – shelves and shelves and shelves. Found a strangely familiar pot on this shelf:

Dan had booked Pescados Capitales for dinner so we headed out around 7ish. The menu took quite some time to get through – Dad couldn’t resist a touch of ‘Rage’, I sunk into ‘Laziness’, Mum and Jim were into some ‘Avarice’ and Dan just basic ‘Lust’. From “jealous squids”, to “adulated lobster” to “angry octopus”, we’ve seen it all! In other words, amazing ceviche with huge chunks of white fish (another first for Mum!), delicious fish in different sauces with rice or fettucine, alongside a great Peruvian white and a few pisco sours!

A final first (thirst?) for the day – pisco sour for Mum!


“Mum, you’re eating the foam on that pisco sour like its a mousse”

“Is that a girl who’s drunk too much pisco? A pisco moose.”


Marvelled at Mother’s calculating side, she’d make a decent thief. Guess what’s happening here:

“So, what’s keeping this roof up then, what’s above this structure?”

“Hey, that’s MY chocolate soufflé and ice cream!”


Day 2 Lima

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We started the day by the pool in amazing sunshine. Mum and I had a dip, and modelled for our swimwear shoot with Paparazzi Dan.

Carrying on the theme of ‘firsts’, we treated Mum to some reflexology at the hotel spa. It seems to have been so relaxing that she stayed in place for an extra hour afterwards and Dad had to come and hunt her down!

After the heat of the afternoon subsided, Ma+Pa+Dan headed to our apartment where we had some bubbles, some 3 leche & strawberry sponge cake (delish!) and laughed our way through the evening on the balcony chatting and playing ‘Heads Up’.

Epic Mother’s Day!

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