Turtle Heads

Took ourselves off on Tuesday via Collectivo bus to Akumal.  Collectivos are amazing, why aren’t these in other countries? 10-seater (ish) bus that runs a fixed route, but waits to be full before leaving and can divert (slightly) to drop people off wherever they need. School kids, chefs & other tourists on ours. 30 pesos to Akumal from Tulum (about £1.50).

Hired some gear (snorkels and flippers) and waded out into the sea. And there they were! Saw a stingray first, but then a little turtle! You can’t believe what you’re watching. You do feel slightly removed because of your mask, like a TV screen, and yet there you are.  Swam about looking at a few more, but saved the best for last.

I was de-steaming my mask bobbing about with my head out of the water, got it sorted and ducked my head under to find myself almost upon massive turtle, made me jump! Could reach out and touch him, but reversed a bit to let him to eat his sea grass. Had two massive free-loaders on his shell.. one yellow, one blue. Mesmerising looking at turtles, they’re very serene. Especially love it when they come up to the surface for air and you see their little heads pop out of the water.

Didn’t have a camera but I’m fairly sure this is the chap!

Ate a lovely cheeseburger we’d had a hankering for at a hotel restaurant. My snorkel mask lined face slowly subsiding…

We invested in our own snorkel gear the next day, figured would come in handy in many countries en route. Also tested my Spanish out buying tickets to Chetumal to get to Belize. “Puede decirme cuanto es para Chetumal”, “Quiero comprar”. And was understood!

Then… off down the beach again, on bikes again. Tested out the snorkels to Jim’s absolute delight.

Jokes of the Day

Stop asking me to repeat & correcting my Spanish. I wasn’t expecting the Spanish inquisition.


“Talking about budget, have you got enough money to buy bread on the way home?”
“Think so, if not we’ll have to do a raid on a bakery. “Give us all your dough!”


“You’ve got the best part of ginger hair you won’t lose it and you won’t go grey. You’ll look young!”
“Yes, they’ll be in the board meeting saying, where’s that 55 year old whipper snapper?”
“And I’ll say ‘I’m here and I’m actually 57’. And then I’ll ask ‘Actually, what am I doing in this board meeting? Oh yes,  anyone want tea? ‘


Names for Shops:

Ginger Hair Specialist – “Ahead of the Game”

Bike Shop – “Peddling our Wares”


‘That’s How I Like My Women’ Joke of the Day

“Do you think I could get ‘New for Old’ for you on my insurance policy?” <shudder>

“Are you cold? Or just scared?”

“Cold AND scared.”




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