Don’t Say No to Cenotes!

Cenotes (see-no-tays) are peculiar to Yucatan and Quintana Roo in México, and are sink holes bored out by water and erosion of limestone. Gateways to an underworld of drowned caves, stalactites and stalagmites, and strange animals.

We booked a car and visited three in a day.


Grand Cenote

Quite busy with people as its a do-able cycle from town. But still amazing. Cool water that’s crystal clear, tiny fish swimming right up to your eyes, terrapins & catfish. You swim through gaps in rocks and through caves, nervously peering over the drop-off and down over the precipice to nowhere. #shudder


Casa Cenote

Casa was very different. Looks like it could be a river, but you drop into the water over a massive underwater cave entrance.

There were lots of people learning to snorkel in the open water, its about 8m deep (outside of the cave, that is).

There is a connection to the sea, and the water is lined by mangroves, so there are a lot more fish. Hundreds and thousands of little fish hiding amongst the mangrove roots, incredible sight.

Jim doing well with life-jacket, but went quite far and no one else around so we turned back.


Dos Ojos (Two Eyes)

Cave 1

There was a gold line from the entrance that went off into the darkness to nowhere, by which the divers can feel their way if required. Watched a group go off into the darkness and into a tunnel. Scary!! The two caves are connected via some tunnels.


Cave 2

Much bigger, very dark so we were following people with lights.


In the evening we went to Tacqueto (another cocina economica) for dinner. Run by Mom and Pop, they take you into the kitchen and show you what they’ve cooked that day and you choose. We had albondigas (meatballs) in spicy sauce, VERY tasty. They treated us like royalty, grabbing our phone and taking photos of us… so we took some of them. Sweet.


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