Melon Spoons

Spent the morning in Valladolid. Mostly by/in a glistening pool.

At breakfast Jim pointed out the pumpkins on the palm trees aligning the garden “Look at those pumpkins!”. Ha ha ha ha ha. I had woken him up early, admittedly. And apparently they’re dangerous…

Don’t you know that coconuts kill more people every year than sharks and irons combined?

Straight-faced lying, can’t beat it.
Tunich Beh Hotel Pool

Tunich Beh Hotel + Pool

The Rare Valladolid Coc(k)oon

The Rare Valladolid Coc(k)oon

Decided my hair need a bit of an update. Had already purchased some red hair dye. Fun trying to interpret spanish instructions, but by the power of YouTube I got the dye on very easily. Waited. Then had to wash it out in a shower that you could not detach from the wall. The shower basically resembled a gruesome murder scene … soooo much claret, everywhere!

I Know What You Valladolid Last Summer…

After some frantic washing of walls and mopping of floors.. think I got away with it.

Beat a hasty exit. Boarded a bus to Tulum.

Dye was still coming out 3 days later.

Arrived mid-afternoon. Lovely town set pretty much on one main street, which seems to change its clothes every time we walk along it. The shops are crammed together along the stretch and are open at different times, so morning, noon and night are totally different. Good sales tactic from someone at one of the many ‘Mexican Art’ shops…

“Come in and buy some stuff that you don’t need!”

Sat for some beers watching the passing traffic, ate pasta (yep, traditional. Ahem), and ended up at the Mojito Bar. All the while we talk about how strange it is to be here, and seeing so much.. and after reading a LOOOONG email from Chris about highlights of Central and South America, realising there is still so much to do.
Pre-Mojitos, Believe it or Not

Pre-Mojitos, Believe it or Not

After recovering from the cheap Mojito bar rum hangover – via a supermarket visit and breakfast made in room, followed by snooze – we hired bikes and rode along to the beach (takes about 10mins). Sat in the shade of palms, very quiet, brilliant turquoise water the temperature of a bath. There are lots of resorts along the beach, all (thankfully) low rise, but everyone gets the same view, millionaires and backpackers alike. A slice of paradise.
Guacamole, Sol and Habanero Salsa at Tulum

Guacamole, Sol and Habanero Salsa at Tulum

Suffice it to say, we might be a little over-budget. Ahem. Into second half of month budget and we’ve only been here just over a week. Eyes on how to economise.

Next morning, still eating our supermarket hangover buys, we cut up melon with Jim’s swiss army knife and used the skin to scoop up some yoghurt I’d bought (forgetting we don’t have cutlery). Melon spoons!

We only had two nights at Mango Tulum so we packed up and moved to the other end of town for a different perspective. Thought we got a cheap deal (£20 a night), turns out it is actually per person, so we’re back to our rookie mistakes.

3 pieces of advice.

  1. Check the price you’re paying for your room when you put down a deposit. #fail
  2. Eat more often at Cocina Economica (we chose Dona et Tina for lunch, asked for Menu del Dia and got some lovely roast chicken, rice and black bean sauce – £3.50 each, ish.)
  3. Beers are cheaper if you a. drink them at home or b. ask for a deal (lots of places do 5 in an ice bucket for a discount).

Jim’s bucket list:

2 Buckets por favor


We haven’t entertained the 4th piece of advice that doesn’t involve beer. Yet.


Ate THE BEST tacos at Taquerias Nero by the ADO bus station. “Pastor” pork (cooked on a spit), and they slice bits of pineapple in, add fresh coriander and onion mixture, and put it on 2 tortillas (the second comes in handy because you spill so much out of your overloaded first). Come with choice of habanero salsas, and radish/onion/cucumber slices.
Yum yum pig's bum, literally

Yum yum pig’s bum, literally


Two rounds of these please!

Two rounds of these please!


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